IT Support

  • Unlimited IT Support.
  • Remote and onsite support team
  • Weekly visits for preventive maintenance.
  • Support 16hrs a day and seven days a week.

Benefits of IT Support Services

  • Our IT support service is designed to provide you unlimited IT supports on your IT devices and network infrastructure with or without hireling an IT professional in your employment.
  • To support customers with any IT related issues our Remote and Onsite support team is available 16hrs a day seven days a week.
  • With our IT support Service, you will benefit prompt response and durable Solutions for any problems that you are having right at your work activities
  • Our IT consulting Services provides a proven IT strategy to save you money and keep your employee productivity to its maximum potential.
  • Maximum uptime of your computers and printers, and network System which we believe is crucial to your day to-Day activities.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance on Network and IT Systems

Why use Network preventative maintenance?

  • reduced network downtime
  • increased life expectancy of network components, eliminating premature replacement of parts
  • more economical use of technical staff because they are working to a schedule rather than on reacting to repair breakdowns
  • lower repair costs, because there will be fewer secondary failures (when parts fail in service they often damage other parts)

Some of computer preventive maintenance Activities

  • Update all the machines with relevant windows and antivirus updates available on the net.
  • Locate and delete malicious spyware.
  • Fight viruses with alternative means if necessary.
  • Backup Your necessary data

Corrective Maintenance on your IT Systems

  • Unlimited free telephone and Remote support related to IT problems.
  • Will make any number of service calls in a month with a fast response time


What we offer


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